River’s Edge Wedding Venue for Unique Dome Tents & Views

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Are you in search of a rustic but modern wedding venue? The River’s Edge wedding venue may be perfect if you love the great outdoors and spectacular hospitality. 

About The River’s Edge Wedding Venue

At the end of Range Road 262, above the North Saskatchewan river, River’s Edge is one of Edmonton’s most beautiful outdoor wedding venues

This venue is a naturally attractive option, featuring a stunning view from the ceremony location, a custom dome tent, and many details of River’s Edge. Additionally, the venue brings hospitality and a great experience.

Details of the Grounds

River’s Edge offers quite a few perks to choosing it as your venue. 

For your wedding, they offer: 

  • A custom dome tent that can be lit and decorated to fit your event’s unique look and theme, 
  • A newlywed tent, which is for the bride and groom after the wedding guests leave so that the couple can enjoy a quiet night, and 
  • A romantic, modern minimalist tent with a king bed, deck, barbecue, and mini fridge. 

The dome tent also features world-leading acoustics, programmable lighting, and comfortable event seating for up to 200 people.

groom and bride laughing and nuzzling at their River’s Edge wedding

Photography Opportunities

River’s Edge offers a variety of scenic spots for wedding photography opportunities, including the river, walking trails, a beautiful, natural backdrop against the bank, and stunning ceremony spots. 

Your photographer can capture the perfect candid, playfully romantic shots along the river bank, either in or out of the water. You and your partner will walk along the river holding hands, looking outward, or even embracing in the center of the water, making it seem like you are just enjoying the vast landscape. 

As the night goes on, the domed tent creates a warm and welcoming aura, giving you that moody atmosphere that makes for stunning candid and posed portrait shots or one big photo of you and your wedding party on the dance floor. 

Regardless of where you are at this venue or what part of the wedding is currently in motion, you’re bound to get the most heartwarming and timeless images you want to look back on years from now!

bride playing with her new wedding band at her River’s Edge wedding

Wedding Details

River’s Edge has a few services that come along with the venue, such as having access to two wedding planners. They ensure your day is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. River’s Edge has a few different wedding packages to help you choose the wedding of your dreams. 

The dome tent and ceremony space that River’s Edge offers for receptions and ceremonies include: 

  • a bridal party preparation space, 
  • choice of ceremony location, 
  • ceremony arch, 
  • signing table, 
  • state-of-the-art sound system, 
  • grain bin bar area, 
  • tables and chairs, 
  • propane heaters, 
  • event set up and clean up, 
  • mid-event transition to reception space, 
  • on-site guest parking, and 
  • a twinkle light barn.

River’s Edge Wedding

The River’s Edge wedding venue is perfect for the couple that wants a rustic and intimate outdoor wedding while still having access to plenty of modern amenities and perks!

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